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Private training

Private and personalised training

We all have one or more reasons for choosing health. These motivations are ours and they are unique.


At the MPN Training Center, we want to help you achieve the goals you set for yourself. Your motivation is therefore our motivation. 

Towards YOUR summits

One of our coaches will take the time to discuss with you in order to understand your needs, your reality and your goals.


This evaluation step will allow him to establish with you a roadmap for the sustainable achievement of your objectives. Whether it is a loss of weight, a gain in muscle mass, a gain in functional mobility, we make it our duty not only to put together a plan. We define YOUR plan.


You can then be followed in your physical training periods. The trainer will ensure that the exercises are performed in a safe manner.  


As you progress toward your goals, you and the coach may make changes to your plan. This is the personalized approach of the MPN training center!

The benefits



No need to hide it, it can be difficult to maintain a good level of motivation in the long term. In these situations, having a coach with you can keep you motivated.



Depending on your situation or your injury history, certain movements may turn out to be unwise. Avoid any unpleasant surprises with the constant supervision of a qualified trainer.



In addition, he can ensure with you, if necessary, that your eating plan is respected. Your time and effort are worthless. Make sure you maximize the benefits with this personalized follow-up.



We no longer count the number of giggles that erupt between our clients and their coaches. Over time, it is much more than a professional relationship that develops. Who doesn't dream of laughing while training?

The best option for the best results!

Nos Plans
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