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Position to fill


The MPN Training Center is looking for a passionate individual to join its highly dynamic team.

Is your interpersonal side your greatest strength?

Are you passionate about fitness, nutrition, and health?

Do you always have the desire to help everyone?

Are you self-reliant?

Are you adaptable?

Do you focus on solutions?


At MPN, you will change people's lives!

Requirement: Basic Coaching Training. You have no training, but your goal in 2024 is to start your career as a coach and help people? Contact us, we will guide you towards the path to follow.

We are seeking someone to assist us full-time with regular clients, as well as with young athletes during the summer and with the Sport-Study program during the school year.

We won't make false promises; your schedule won't always be stable, things won't always go as planned, but through it all, you will always be supported by your team.

We have been growing for 7 years, and it won't stop today, which is why you should expect to experience a lot of changes.

Do you want to take on this challenge? We would be happy to meet you and discuss with you.

Send your resume to

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