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Sports nutrition

At the MPN Training Center, we can support you in your choices towards a healthier and optimized nutrition. Our team of experts will also modulate their advice and approach according to your objectives. Whether you want to lose weight for good or gain muscle mass, nutrition is an important ally. Let us help you by setting up a food plan based on your needs and limitations.


In the world of fitness and gyms, it can be easy to get confused with all the supplements on the market. "Should I take creatine?", "Would a protein supplement be right for me?" or "Are there any products to maximize my energy?" are all questions that we can answer. Our answer and advice, once again, will take into consideration your goals and pre-existing situations, if any.

A varied and proven range

MPN Training Center relies on two brands of sports supplement products. ATP Lab and Believe are two Canadian companies that not only have the highest quality standards in the industry, they are also backed by expertly validated research.


Come meet with us to see how nutrition and supplementation can help you achieve and surpass the goals you have set for yourself.

The benefits

Do you want your diet to bring you a result?



Nutrition and supplementation can play a huge role regardless of your goal.



Maximize your energy level and avoid “3 pm fatigue” by better controlling your blood sugar levels. Again, a high and stable energy level will allow you to bring your best out of you, in the gym as well as at work.



It's no secret that maintaining your weight after losing it can be tough. Nutrition and supplementation can give you a big advantage in countering the yo-yo.

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