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Coaching and professional follow-up

Are you a regular at the gym, training and you know what you do there? At the MPN training center, we have that little extra to help you progress and achieve your goals.


Do you recognize yourself in any of these situations?


  • Are you able to run 10 km in less than an hour, but your weight has peaked?

  • Do you spend 2 hours a day at the gym and your muscle gains are stagnating?


You probably need professional follow-up.


Our coaching formula is deployed in two different ways.  


On the one hand, one of our professionals will set up a training program that meets your needs and that aims to optimize your time in the gym. Subsequently, based on the principle of periodization, this program will be reviewed at certain intervals.

At the gym or at home

On the other hand, the expert will be your food resource to achieve your goal: fat loss, muscle mass gain, strength gain, etc. Food is an aspect that is often overlooked. Don't miss your chance to maximize your results not only with your workouts, but also with your meals.  

Want to see the difference? Make an appointment now to see how we can help you. 

The benefits



Coaching fits very well with regulars of physical training. It allows you to maintain your autonomy in the process towards achieving objectives.



Your time is expensive. We know it. It is therefore not productive to literally waste your time in your training by doing a little rubbish. Coaching allows you to maximize your effort and time.



The formula also corresponds to subscribers who have changing schedules and who cannot always predict when they will be able to go to the gym. Personalized sessions are therefore not an option, which is not the case for coaching.



Nothing guarantees long-term motivation more than the achievement of objectives and happiness towards the results. This is directly what our professional follow-up formula promises you.

It's time you took yourself seriously

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