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Athletic Preparation

How we work in athletic preparation

At the MPN Training Center, we believe that the development of an athlete must be done in a holistic approach first. Once a solid foundation is acquired in athletic preparation, a more discipline-specific development can be considered. Indeed, sports disciplines are often very different from each other and one should not seek specific improvement too quickly.


What is this famous basis for a global approach? It's simple. We work with the athlete to improve their overall physical abilities: strength, power, speed, etc.

Specific and athletic skills

There are two main approaches in athletic preparation: the development of specific skills or the search for athletics in a global approach.


The first is specific to the sport (s) the athlete practices. Take the example of the hockey player. He wants to improve his speed and power on skates. The specific approach will focus on the training of the movements involved in skating by considering the angle that the foot must take in the skate etc.


If we apply the athletic approach to the same example, we spend time in the gym working the muscle groups as a whole. The athlete will do squats, deadlifts, in particular, to develop power in these legs.


In other words, in athletic preparation, the MPN training center emphasizes the development of physical skills that are necessary in all sports disciplines. The athlete can thus develop globally and, above all, at his own pace. Once a certain level has been mastered, our team will be able to modulate the athletic preparation to adjust it to a specific sport.


Are you looking for a training method that will allow you to be faster, stronger, more powerful and more enduring? We have the formula, but above all the approach that is right for you. Make an appointment now.

You want power, explosiveness and endurance, this is the place to be!

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